Beyond the Application: How to Choose the Best Tenants

Your rental property is one of your biggest investments and when it sits vacant, it doesn't earn you any money. Understandably, you want to get it occupied as soon as possible but it's also important to make sure you're handing over the keys to the right sort of tenants. Being too hasty with your screening process can cost you plenty in late payments, property damage and even civil court fees. If you're looking to rent out your property, here's how to thoroughly screen your applicants. Read More 

3 Ways To Increase Employee Productivity During Cold & Flu Season

It can be difficult enough for many office managers to keep staff on-task during the holiday season when employees are planning holiday gatherings and dreaming of vacations to warm destinations. Employees also take additional days off for those holidays and vacations. This means that you don't need the additional distraction of employees with colds, and you don't want employees taking extra time off work if they catch the flu. Follow these tips to keep your office productive during cold and flu season when you feel like the odds are stacked against you. Read More 

Home Office? How To Clean It Fast

If you work at home and have your own office, it can quickly become dirty. Below are some tips on how to get it clean fast. This article focuses on the main areas of your office that are likely to get dirty, such as your electronics, desktop stains, grimy accessories, and a germy computer keyboard. If you do not have time or do not like to clean it yourself, you should hire an office cleaning company, such as Paramount Janitorial Services, to come to your home regularly. Read More 

Follow This Tips To Get Your Vehicle Ready For Winter Storage

Not all vehicles are made for winter weather. If you have a classic car or a front wheel drive car that you do not plan on using until next spring, make a little extra room in your garage and put your car in storage for the winter. Before you put it in storage though, you need to do a little work to get your vehicle ready. Make Sure All Regular Maintenance Is Completed Read More 

Giardiasis From Carpet Saturated In Sewage: What It Is & Why A Professional Carpet Cleaner Is Needed

Do you have carpet that is saturated with sewage because youjust had plumbing problems repaired? You must hire professional carpet cleaners such as All Around Town Carpet Care to clean the carpet to make sure it is done thoroughly, as sewage can cause giardiasis. In this article, you will learn about giardiasis and why a professional is needed to clean your carpet. What is Giardiasis? Giardiasis is a health condition that is commonly caused from making contact with sewage. Read More