Thinking About DIY Water Restoration At Your Home? Three Precautions You Should Take

With the year coming to a close, 2016 is likely to be remembered by residents across the United States for its many instances of severe flooding. If you are one of the residents affected by these floods, you now have a thorough understanding of the devastation left behind when flood waters recede. Not only are there layers of debris, mud and sand to contend with, flood waters also saturate surfaces, building materials, furnishings, and personal possessions, many of which are quickly ruined. Read More 

Termite Positive Inspection Results: 3 Reasons Why It May Not Be A Deal Breaker

If you're in contract to buy a new home, there are often several contingencies that will allow you to break the contract without any repercussions. One of the most common contingencies has to do with inspections. As a buyer, you're responsible for having the home inspected by a professional home inspector before the sale is final. You are also encouraged to have the home inspected for termite activity by a termite expert. Read More 

Keep These Etiquette Rules in Mind When Attending an Open House

When you're shopping for a home, attending an open house is one of the best ways to get a sense of the space. While viewing photos, analyzing room dimensions, and even taking a virtual walkthrough online can all be beneficial, there's no better investment of your time than actually visiting the home and spending time browsing each of its rooms. It's important that you keep some etiquette rules in mind during this process. Read More 

Tips For Buying Your Next Family Home In The Mountains

If you have decided that you want to move your family to the mountains to live year-round, then it is very important that you take certain things into consideration before choosing your next home. For instance, it is important that you consider each of the following aspects of mountain living: Know What Types of Wildlife You Will be Contending With Rural living often comes with deer, bears, and other wildlife that you may not be used to sharing your living space with. Read More 

Fun Apartment Complex Open House Ideas

If you own and manage a small apartment complex and have chosen to host an open house in order to assist with acquiring tenants for the empty apartments in the building, consider using the following ideas to make the event one that is enjoyable and informative for all of the people who attend. Give A Grand Tour  Once all of the potential tenants have arrived for the event, give them a grand tour of the property and the inside of each vacant rental unit. Read More