3 Reasons To Have Your Wedding At A Ski Resort

If you are in the process of planning your wedding, you might be looking into various types of wedding venues and trying to make the right decision. Even though you might have looked into a lot of options, there is one that you might not have thought about yet: hosting your event at a ski resort. There are plenty of reasons to consider doing so; these are a few of them. Read More 

Homes For Sale: Can You Afford To Be Flippant When You Are A Flipper?

If you have decided to begin a home-flipping business, you should know that there is a lot to learn about this kind of business. For example, if you do not start with cash in your pocket and you borrow operating funds, you may not be able to flip your first house to make a profit. If you already have plenty of liquid assets to work with, you might be rather flippant with the money you do have. Read More 

Why You Need Professional Help When Buying A Home During The Holidays

Buying a home over the holidays has its perks. For example, you are likely to have less competition, and interest rates tend to be low during this time of the year. However, the season has its unique hurdles that are best handled by a professional real estate agent. Here are some of those hurdles: The Pickings Are Slim The holiday season tends to have fewer homes for sale compared to the other seasons. Read More 

Real Estate Trends For The Coming Year: It’s Still Time To Buy If You Are In The Market

While lenders have become more strict in the last decade, people who have a solid credit history can still secure a good mortgage. With mortgage rates continuing to hover around 4%, the housing market continues to be a strong one. For buyers, this means that you can afford a home that you may not have been able to a few short years ago. For sellers, low mortgage rates can cause an inventory shortage of homes available for sale. Read More 

Challenges You May Face As A Senior Citizen Buying A House On Mortgage

Are you a senior planning to buy a house on mortgage and you are apprehensive about the process? If you are, you aren't alone because there are potential challenges that can complicate the process for you. Here are three examples of the challenges to expect: Fraud Financial fraud against seniors is rampant because the perpetrators believe that seniors are vulnerable to their tricks. Whether or not you are vulnerable, you are a target for these fraudsters simply because you are a senior member of the society. Read More