Three Things To Remember If You Plan On Buying A Commercial Building

You're excited about your new business venture, especially the part about purchasing a building which is in the perfect location. Before you get too excited about letting the world know you'll soon be open for business, here are three things to remember when you plan on buying a commercial building.

Verify Your Building Has Correct Zoning

You will want to ensure that the building has been zoned for commercial use. If there was previously another business in the building, chances are it is properly zoned. However, zoning ordinances do change from time to time, so you'll want to double check this. Zoning ordinances can also put a limit to, or not allow you to do, the following to a commercial building:

  • Make renovations to the building
  • Make improvements to the property
  • Put up signage

The zoning ordinance will also ensure you are using the building for the appropriate reasons. In order to find out how the building is zoned, you can contact your community planning agency.

Ensure There is Adequate Parking

If you are planning on having new customers come through the doors of your commercial building, you will need to ensure they will have a place to park. This is one thing commercial building owners usually don't think about before it's too late. If your building is located downtown in a larger city, parking might be a problem, especially if there are no parking ramps nearby.

Maybe there is an empty parking lot nearby and you assume you can let your customers park there. You will need to find out who owns that lot and check to see if they rent out parking spaces and for how much. When there is adequate parking, it makes doing business much easier.

Plan to Get New Locks Installed

If the building you plan on purchasing is a used one, you'll want to make plans to get new locks installed. This is especially true if you have no idea how many keys were given out by the previous owner and who has those keys. If you don't want any former tenants of your prospective building to find their way inside, you should find a commercial locksmith who can get new locks installed.

When you know your building is properly zoned, there is adequate parking, and you can ensure your safety by getting new locks installed, your business will be off to a great start.