Keeping Your Home Free Of Mice

If you live in an area where mice live outdoors, you may need to take necessary steps to keep them from coming inside your home. There are several ways to deter rodents from setting up their homes within your house.

Do A Check Outdoors

Check the foundation and walls of your home from the exterior to make sure there are no spots where mice can get inside. If you notice any larger cracks or crevices, you will want to fill them in with caulk or expandable foam. Mice can fit into small areas. Block the bottoms of doorways by placing some door sweeps underneath. This will keep them from being able to squeeze under your doorway.

Keep Things Clean

Clean the interior of your home so that mice will not be able to find easy food sources. Regularly vacuum your floors so that crumbs are not found. Use a bleach/water solution on your kitchen counter tops to cover the smell of food that you have prepared. Do not allow grease spills to sit, as mice will be attracted to these areas. After you have prepared food, make sure you cover all leftovers in containers with tightly sealed lids. If you have any pets, take their food dishes up after they have eaten so that mice will not be attracted to the smell of their food.

Use Natural Deterrents

Mice do not like the smell of peppermint. Buy a few peppermint plants and place them in different rooms in your house to keep mice from wanting to enter. If you have any areas where you have seen mice or mouse droppings, you can use cotton balls dipped in peppermint oil to scatter around to try to keep them away. Another scent that mice do not like is that of a cat. They instinctively know to stay away from homes where there is the smell of a feline present.

Trapping Mice

If deterrents are not enough, you may have to resort to trying to trap mice. You can get friendly mouse traps to capture mice without harming them. These are found in hardware or home goods stores. They are made from plastic and have a swinging door on a hinge that will only open inward. Once a mouse is captured, you will be able to let it outdoors away from the home. Other traps will kill mice. These include snapping traps, glue traps and bait traps. If you usethese, make sure to keep them away from household pets.

For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact a pest control company in your area.