4 Extra Benefits To Enjoy When Hiring A Property Manager For Your Rental

Satisfying tenant expectations is a great way to generate profits for your rental property. While you may work hard to provide tenants with a positive experience, you may know that you have limitations. A property management company can provide extra benefits worth investing in.

Tenant Portal

Tenants must contact you through a phone call, text, or email when working as the landlord for your rental. However, a property manager can provide their tenants with a portal.

This portal will allow them to handle important tasks such as pay rent online and send in maintenance requests. Your tenants can write out lengthy descriptions of property problems. They may even be able to upload photos or videos to help out the maintenance crew.


Along with a tenant portal, a property manager will run a website to benefit everyone, including tenants, property owners, and themselves. For instance, they can provide important information, such as what rentals are available and whether pets are allowed in their rentals.

Analyze these websites with the perspective of a tenant in mind to see how much information they can gather by browsing. Ideally, you should prioritize management companies with websites that you know will do a great job of appealing to potential and existing tenants.

A company website will have its own collection of online listings for properties that they manage. So, potential tenants can easily find rentals from the same company.

Social Media

Property management companies often run social media pages on various platforms to increase rental exposure and keep their tenants up to date on news. You may notice property managers listing properties on social media before they go vacant to get people interested. These posts can lead to lining up a renter to move in right after an existing tenant moves out.


As the sole landlord, you do not get any days off because a tenant may text, call, or email. Being sick or busy can make it tough to always satisfy your tenants. Or there could be an emergency that you must respond to right away. Fortunately, a property management company will have multiple managers that can take over responsibilities at any time to keep your tenant happy.

Managing a rental property is a difficult task, especially when you have other important obligations. So, you can hire a property manager to alleviate these responsibilities and provide your tenants with several extra benefits.