Top Things to do Before Listing Your Home

When you start thinking about selling your house, you might want to create a timeline that contains a list of things to do before listing it. Selling a house is a major event that requires work and time, and it might also require the services of a real estate agent. A real estate agent can help you prepare for listing your house and will help you sell it. Here are some of the top things the agent might recommend doing before you list your house.

Find Out Your Loan Balance

A good place to start is by contacting your home loan lender to see how much you owe on your house. Your home loan balance is the amount you must pay immediately when selling your house, and you will get to keep the rest. By knowing this amount, you can determine if you should sell your house right now. You will also be able to determine an asking price for your home, and you can estimate the amount of profit you will make when it sells.

Seek Help for Staging Your Home

Next, you might want to discuss staging your home with your real estate agent. An agent can visit your house and help you create a plan for preparing your house. Staging a home requires some work, and the goal is to make a home look appealing and desirable to everyone that comes to see it.  

Determine the Best Time to List It

When you meet with an agent, you might want to ask them when they recommend listing a house. When is the best time? Agents tend to have these answers, and your agent can help you determine the best time.

Make a Plan for Moving

You might also want to start working on your moving plans. If you want to sell your house, where will you live? Do you plan on buying another house? Creating a plan for moving is vital, as you might end up selling your house faster than you think.

Sign the Listing Agreement

Signing the listing agreement is the last thing you must do, as this presents your home as a for sale property. Your real estate agent will bring the agreement and other documents to your home, and you will have to sign all the necessary forms. After doing this, your agent will perform many additional services to advertise your home and find a buyer for it.

Talk to a realtor in your area to learn more about available real estate services.