An Apartment For One: Considerations For The Single Older Adult

If you are a senior and searching for an apartment, you have unique needs. Many other seniors have partners, adult children, or in-home aides who frequent their home. You need a place that works for your individual lifestyle. Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect apartment. 

Community Amenities

As a single adult, you need an enriched social life. Some senior communities offer game nights, provide social rooms for reading and working out, or do events like community walks or bike rides. You might enjoy a solitary lifestyle, but these activities are not obligations; they are options for times when you feel the need to branch out. You can meet with friends in the community clubhouses to work on hobbies or enjoy music together. 

Housekeeping and Laundry Services

As you age, you may not feel the need to do all the upkeep for your apartment yourself or you might enjoy this kind of work. If you like doing laundry yourself and enjoy independently caring for your own space, look into truly independent living communities that have a full kitchen and a washer and dryer in each unit. If you would rather move away from housekeeping duties, many senior rentals have housekeeping services as part of their resident package. 


The floorplan is important for a single individual. Will you have many visitors, or will your apartment really only host yourself? If you still want to entertain friends and family, you will want a more open floor plan with space to spread out. But, if you prefer a more cozy, intimate living space, you can get away with a tighter layout. You also can find less expensive apartments if you only need one bathroom. But if you will have frequent guests, a second bathroom might be necessary. 


Many seniors enjoy the safety that comes from having an apartment that is only accessible from inside a larger building. The doors to the lobby lock, requiring a resident to buzz visitors in. This makes your living area much less likely to be targeted by thieves or intruders. If you don't like the idea of indoor access because of noise in the halls and carrying smells, you might consider a gated community to help protect yourself. 


Finally, consider your travel plans. As a single senior, you might enjoy spending time abroad. Will the apartment be easy to maintain when you are gone? Would it be easy to have a friend check in on pets and plants if you have them? 

For more information look for apartment complexes near you.