4 Helpful Amenities To Add To Your Vacation Home

Are you struggling to find renters for your vacation property? People may not be shying away from your property for any significant reason. Rather, your vacation home might not have as many amenities as others that are in the area. Here are some amenities that you can add to make the home more appealing and useful to those who are visiting the area.

Extra Beds

Vacation homes that can accommodate more people end up rented out more often than those that can only accommodate two or three guests. Even if your home only has one or two bedrooms, you can add more places for people to sleep. Add a pull-out couch in the living room, or place a second bunk bed in the bedroom. If you have two bedrooms, you could set one up as a normal bedroom with a double bed, and the other as a sort-of cabin space with multiple bunk beds.

Television Streaming Services

After your renters have been out exploring all day, they will just want to kick back and relax, and maybe watch some television. Signing up for a television streaming service, like Netflix, for the vacation home can make the space more appealing since your renters will be able to watch a whole assortment of movies and shows.

Outdoor Space

Part of exploring and enjoying a new space is getting to know the outdoors. If your rental does not have a porch, deck, or patio, you should add one. When renters are reading your listing and see that the rental has a porch or patio, they'll envision themselves spending evenings out there with some wine and friends. Make the patio appealing by adding some chairs, a table, and maybe even a grill. Include plenty of pictures of this space in your listing!

Coupon and Map Collections

Drive around town and collect coupons for various businesses and attractions that your renters may want to visit. You can also collect some local maps, along with brochures about attractions in the area. Display these in a nice basket or carrying case in the rental. Make sure you mention the coupon basket in your listing; it's a small, but nice extra touch that will make renters feel welcome.

If you add these amenities to your vacation home, you will have an easier time attracting renters. Try to also vamp up your listing with nicer pictures and a more thorough description. A good ad makes for good renters. Contact a company that offers vacation rentals in order to learn more.