Don’t Like Your Real Estate Agent? It’s Okay, And Here’s Why

Real estate agents spend their days trying to connect to all kinds of clients. Their livelihood depends on their ability to connect and to empathize and their willingness to help others. Almost all of them are very nice people, but if you find that you do not like your real estate agent, that is perfectly okay. Here is why.

You Can Always Switch to a Different Agent

There are so many real estate agents within a real estate agency, and so many agencies within your area, that switching to another agent is no big deal. In fact, it is quite a common practice. The agent you start with may not be the one you end up with when you finally close on a home or the property you wanted.

Additionally, pet projects of certain agents (i.e., projects given to specific agents for those agents to sell) may be something you want. Switching for that reason happens a lot. (Conversely, you may not be able to work with another agent if the property or house you want is a pet project of someone else.)

The Agency Will Never Ask Why

Unless there is a serious breach of professionalism, real estate agencies will never ask why you would rather work with another agent. Their focus is on providing the best service possible to clients. If you want a different agent, they are happy to comply.

If an agency does ask why, it may be because the head of the office wants to be sure that it is not a customer satisfaction issue. If you would really rather not say, you can refuse to answer the question. Just understand that the agency is not trying to put you on the spot when they ask service quality questions, and they will not expect you to respond or participate if you do not want to.

The Agent Will Not Take Offense

Selling real estate is a "win some, lose some" kind of business. Agents accept the fact that sometimes they will lose a client to a fellow agent, but they also know that they will "steal" a few clients away from other agents, too. If you are worried about offending your agent by requesting another agent with which to work, do not be. The first agent will probably not even blink, and the second agent will be very happy to help you find your new home or business property!

For more information and options for switching real estate agents, talk with a local real estate agency, such as Charles L Moles Real Estate Services, today.