School Safety Tips For Administrators And Educators

If you are a school administrator or an educator, then you will, of course, want to make sure you do all you can to keep all the students safe. Unfortunately, there are threats that can come from within the school and from the outside. This is why it's important to learn different ways to protect the students against all possible threats. The information here can help you to create a safer learning environment for your students, as well as the faculty:

Put an ID policy in place

One of the first things you can do to help your school become a safer place for students and employees is to implement an ID policy. Everyone who works on the school grounds and anyone who visits should be wearing an ID that is clearly visible at all times. This policy will help create a safer environment by making someone who has not properly checked in at the office, or who does not belong on the property stand out. This can give you a head start on spotting potential trouble and properly dealing with it as swiftly as possible.

Get tough on dealing with bullying

Bullying has become a real problem in schools and has led to many of the traumatic occurrences that have made national headlines. When a student feels constantly bullied it can lead to everything from severe self-esteem issues to hate, anger issues and the desire for revenge. This can create a very dangerous environment. By getting tough with regards to your school's bullying policies you will have a better chance of creating a learning environment where fewer children find themselves dealing with emotional issues that can escalate to very dangerous situations for everyone else at the school.

Fence in the school and keep it locked during school hours

If your school has any areas where there is not a fence, then anyone can make their way onto the school grounds and this means there is an increased chance of someone coming on the property who may be a danger to students and employees. Make sure there is a tall fence around the entire school and that the gates to enter the school can only be opened with a special code, a special card or by getting buzzed in from office staff after the person has properly identified themselves to a staff member via intercom. Along with making the school safer, a fence like this can also help to prevent truancy by making it harder for the students to sneak off the property.

Go over emergency situation drills regularly

You want to make sure that the students and the employees know just what to do in any type of emergency situation. You want to hold drills for such things as a dangerous person on the property, a weather-related emergency, a fire, and any other emergency situation that may present itself in the region where the school is located.

Contact a school safety counselor for more information and assistance.