3 Tips For Finding The Best Mountain Cabin For Your Family

Buying a mountain cabin for your family to vacation away from the city is a big financial decision. To ensure that you select the best cabin for to meet the unique needs of your family, there are many different things you need to consider. Thankfully, many people before you have purchased rural properties for vacationing and the pitfalls are well known.

Follow these time-tested tips for finding the best mountain cabin for your family:

Tip: Don't Buy a Cabin Too Far From Your Home

If you want to use your cabin for short and frequent getaways, then you should not buy one that is too far from your home. Ideally, your new cabin should be no more than a couple hours away. If you buy property that is too far from your house, then you will burn a lot of your time driving and resting up after driving. 

Tip: If You Want Electrical Power in the Future, Research that Cost Before Buying

Even if there is a power pole at the end of the driveway leading to a mountain cabin, that doesn't mean that getting connected to it is reasonably priced. Some electrical utilities charge well into five figures to connect your land to the power grid. Don't let this high cost sneak up on you if a new power connection is in your future plans.

Tip: Determine if the Cabin has Year-Round Access

It is very important that you determine if a cabin you are considering for purchase has year-round access. Some mountain areas are inaccessible for most of the winter season because of deep snow. Other areas don't get a lot of snow or have well maintained public roads. Even if you do not plan to use your cabin much in the winter, it is important that you know if it is even accessible. If the property is only accessible by snowmobile, for instance, then is there a place where you can safely park your truck and trailer while you are up at your cabin? This is vital information because once you start going to the woods, you will likely want to go more often. 

Tip: Have the Well and Septic System Tested Before Purchasing a Cabin

Finally, since cabins use wells for water and septic systems to dispose of waste water, you need to have both of these vital systems inspected before you purchase. Septic and well problems can be very expensive to repair and issues with either one should be repaired by the cabin's seller. For assistance, talk to a real estate agent.