Fun Apartment Complex Open House Ideas

If you own and manage a small apartment complex and have chosen to host an open house in order to assist with acquiring tenants for the empty apartments in the building, consider using the following ideas to make the event one that is enjoyable and informative for all of the people who attend.

Give A Grand Tour 

Once all of the potential tenants have arrived for the event, give them a grand tour of the property and the inside of each vacant rental unit. Provide detailed information about the living quarters and explain what types of maintenance and security are offered to each tenant. Explain how a tenant could contact you in case an emergency occurs that requires immediate assistance. Allow individuals to browse the outdoor and indoor areas at their leisure and be readily available to answer questions that each person has. 

Hand Out Customized Brochures

Take pictures of some points of interest near the apartment complex, as well as photographs of the the property that you manage, and take them to a printing business to have them added to customized brochures. Provide a synopsis of the photos and have it printed underneath the pictures so that people who attend the open house can learn more about the area where the complex is located and what amenities and management services are offered, once they leave the open house.

Hand out the brochures during the open house or set them up in a brochure holder near the entranceway to the apartment complex office so that people can help themselves to one if desired.

Offer A Backyard Barbecue

Set up a grill on part of the property and arrange several tables and chairs for guests to sit in. Prepare some hot dogs or hamburgers to serve everyone. Invite current tenants to the barbecue, as well, so that newcomers can meet them and learn more about what it is like to live in one of the apartments. During the relaxed get together, try to get to know the people who you have recently met and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

If you have an easygoing personality throughout the meal, your guests may feel welcome and feel more optimistic about moving into one of the apartments. They may also think of you as an approachable person who is capable of managing the apartment complex in a responsible manner. 

For more hiring tips, work with a property management company.