Property Maintenance Tips To Help You Start Spring Off Right

If you've just emerged from a terrible winter, you likely are relieved for it to finally be spring. You can go outside without having to huddle in a huge jacket and the flowers are blooming. Unfortunately, you might spot some problems with your rental properties that the snow covered that might have occurred during the winter. Here are some property maintenance tips for making sure that you are able to get your properties looking as good as possible for spring.

1. Check the Roof

A little bit of maintenance here and there could help extend the life of your roof by many years, allowing you to save a ton of money that you would have otherwise had to spend on repairs. Winter tends to be extremely hard on roofs because they have a large amount of surface area that gets battered by the wind, snow, ice, and rain. To make matters worse, they are under a heavier load than usual during the winter due to the snow. Make sure that you check your roofs when spring comes to see if you need to replace any shingles, repair any cracks in the gutters, or do any other maintenance.

2. Look at and Resolve Drainage Problems

The next thing that you need to look at is whether or not there are drainage problems. It tends to rain more during the spring, so you will have plenty of opportunities to look for standing water on your property. If you do find any standing water, make sure that you take steps to resolve it. This could mean adding or repairing gutters so that the water does not pool near the property and seep through the foundation. It could also mean grading your land so that it doesn't have any holes that could result in water forming small ponds.

3. Trim the Plants on Your Property

Go through all of the bushes, shrubs, and trees that are on your property and get rid of dead branches. This will allow more sunlight to get to the healthy branches during the spring and help your tree grow more healthy and fully. This is extremely important because it will allow your property to look much better and increase the chances that people are going to want to rent from you.

If you don't feel like doing all of this yourself, look into contacting a company that specializes in property maintenance and management.