Four Tips To Help Stage A Family-Friendly Home

If you are working up to selling your home, there are a variety of reasons your home might be the perfect investment for a family. If your home is in a great neighborhood for kids, has the space for a large family, or is in a good school district, it might be strategic to market your home to families. Here are four tips to help stage a home to garner interest especially from families looking to buy.

1. Play up the Yard

Most families would love to see a safe, spacious area that kids and pets can play in. If you have a large backyard, it might be worth it to play up this feature. By clearing out overgrown plants and maximizing lawn space, you can make your yard more inviting for kids to play and large families to relax. Set up an outdoor patio area for dining that will appeal to parents looking for more family space as well. Having locking gates that can keep kids in a secured area and fencing around pools will play up the safety and security of outdoor spaces as well.

2. Feature the Location of Your Home

While families might be on the market for safe neighborhoods with the right schools for their kids, there are plenty of other things your neighborhood might offer to families. Mention  family-friendly attractions nearby in your listing or map these out on a flyer for your open house. Features such as parks, recreation centers, pools, and family-friendly dining can put your location above and beyond the standard checklist for families.

3. Play Up Rec Rooms and Common Areas

While your MLS listing might state the amount of bedrooms your home has, there might be other family-friendly features you can play up as well. If your home has additional common rooms or spaces, it is worth it get these mentioned in your listing description. Whether your home has a finished attic, basement, or rec room, an additional area for kids to claim can make parents more excited about a home overall.

4. Create Easy-to-Clean, Functional Living Areas

If you are selling a large home but everything seems delicate or not very resistant to dirt and grime, this can scare away parents. White carpeting, expensive countertops, and tiling that can't take spills or accidents might scare away families looking for durability. Boasting easy-to-clean flooring or stain-resistant walls and tiling throughout will hold more value to a family looking for function and not necessarily style.

Families that are on the housing market will have specific needs in mind that you can appeal to. If you know your home has the basics that a family will enjoy, playing up this theme can get the right potential buyers in the door to fall in love with your home and make an offer. Contact a business, such as Results1Realty, for more information.