3 Tips For Negotiating An Employee Relocation Package

Relocating for a job does not have to be solely your expense to pay. You can negotiate with your employer for an employee relocation package that would help you not only cover the expenses but meet other needs you have. If you are planning to negotiate with your employer, here are some tips to help get you started. 

Research Your Expenses

Before you can start negotiations with your employer, you need to research how much it might cost for the big move. Your expenses can range from the use of a moving company like Bekins Van Lines Inc to the cost to transfer your utilities. 

You also need to factor in costs, such as your closing costs on a new home, employment assistance for your spouse or partner, and moving your cars. Start creating your list as soon as you are aware of the need to move so that you do not forget anything.

Once you have an estimate for your moving expenses, you can set the minimum that you are willing to accept from your employer. 

Look into Your Employer's Relocation Program

Chances are, your employer already has a relocation program in place. However, this should not deter you from negotiating your own package. Find out what is included in the typical package and compare it to your own needs and wants. 

In addition to checking out your employer's relocation program, look at the packages offered by other companies that are similar to the one at which you work. You can use the information you obtain to further tailor your package proposal. 

Be Flexible

Negotiating with your employer can sometimes be difficult, but if you want to avoid paying all of the moving expenses yourself, it is necessary. It is important to remember that you still have to maintain a relationship with your employer when it is all over. It is because of this, you need to have some flexibility. 

For instance, if your employer is unwilling to budge on helping to cover child care for a period of time in the new location, ask for a signing bonus instead. If your employer does not want to help with storage costs, ask for extra vacation days. 

It can take thinking creatively to negotiate, but it is possible to get a package with which you can be happy. Remember to start early in the process to boost your chances of working out a deal before the moving date.