A Home Sells Itself—If You Prepare Properly

More important than anything you can say about a home is how potential buyers interact with it. For example, if you have oversized furniture that takes up a lot of space in a room, you can talk about how nice the room is, but buyers are likely to feel cramped, and that impression will trump whatever spiel you rattle off. If you really want to sell your home, then you should act on at least these three tips for making your home ready for potential buyers to come knocking. 

1. Bump up Your Curb Appeal

You might have freshly baked cookies and heated floors waiting to wow potential buyers once they get inside, but if your entryway is dwarfed by untrimmed bushes and weed-ridden flowerbeds, your buyers might never even set foot outside of their car. Start making your home ready by taming your yard. Trim trees, mow your lawn, weed your flowerbeds, etc. If your outside paint is faded and/or peeling, then take the time to touch it up. Finally, wash your windows so that the view of your house from the curb looks fresh and inviting. 

2. Tone down the Color

Bold colors may impress some buyers, but they can rankle others. In order to give yourself the best chance to sell your home, you should repaint your house in neutral colors. You want buyers to be able to envision what your home will look like when they move in instead of being put off by what you have done with the space. What is true for paint is also true for artwork and furniture. You may like animal print couches and pop art, but buyers might not. When making a sell is not the time to enforce tolerance: take down your art and put slipcovers over your couches so that the space is open for your buyers to re-envision. 

3. Inviting Sights and Smells

Think of what you can do to make your home seem alluring. A plate of freshly baked cookies will waft a pleasant aroma throughout your home. A stack of plush washcloths wrapped with a ribbon in your bathroom can make it feel more like a spa. On the other hand, clutter is not inviting. Make sure your home is clean and nicely appointed for buyers. 

Getting a home ready for the market can take some effort as does keeping it ready. On the other hand, when you make a sale, all your labor will be worth it. If you need help from a real estate company, visit The Gresham Group.