Four Termite Species And The Areas Of Your Home They Feed On

You may think that termites just affect damp areas of your home, and that you will be safe if it is clean. There are many different species of termites, and they can attack many different areas of your home and survive in different environments. There are species that like dry wood and others that like damp and moist environments. No matter where you live, if your home has wood in it, it is important to protect your home from the invasion of these pests. Here are four species of termites and the environments they live in:

1. Termites That Like Damp, Moist Environments

Zootermopsis is one of several species of termites that like damp environments. They can be found throughout North America and like dark moist places. These termites will feed on wood in areas where there are problems with plumbing leaks, poor drainage or other problems causing wood to decay. You can prevent this problem by repairing any water leaks and replacing decaying wood.

2. Dry Termite Species That Thrive In Dry Climates

There are also termites that thrive in dry environments; these can often be found in dry wood on the exterior of your home, such as deck post, columns and other features. They eat the wood from the inside out and can be difficult to detect until you have a serious problem. These termites can also thrive in various colonies and live inside of any wood objects in your home. They are often found in old furniture. An obvious sign of the damage is the small holes they leave in wood to clean out their nests.

3. Destructive Invasive Species Termites

There are also some species of termites that are invasive species, which can cause damage rapidly. One such species is the Formosan termite, which is native to Eastern Asia. It has colonies that are much larger than other common subterranean termite species, which is why it can cause damage much more quickly.  Since it is a tunneling termite species, it can often be difficult to detect the termites before serious damage is done.

4. Common Subterranean Termites And Invisible Damage

Common subterranean termites can also cause extensive damage, usually because the problem is not noticed until it is too late. There are many different subterranean species, which like moist places to nest. If you live in a warmer climate, it is a good idea to have a prevention treatment to protect your home from these types of termites.

These are some of the different types of termites that nest in wood of homes. If you believe you have a termite problem, contact a professional pest control service such as Cavanaugh's Professional Termite & Pest Services. They can also help you with prevention of termites before they ever become a problem.