Moving Across Town? 3 Ways To Make The Process Easier With U-Haul

When you move out of your home and you're only relocating to another area in town, you don't need to spend a lot of money on a moving company to haul your things for you. U-haul provides many options to allow you to move everything on your own. Learn how you can complete the process while still keeping your items organized, and can get into your new residence within just a few days.

Box all items according to room

Pack up your living room, dining room, kitchen, and laundry/bathroom items separately, and move these items according to where they belong. You can rent a small U-Haul truck to house furniture and belongings together, and move them quickly to your new home. As soon as you get to your new dwelling, place these boxes and accompanying furnishings in their appropriate room, so you don't have to wonder where everything goes when you begin to unpack.

Use a dolly

U-Haul also rents out dollies and furniture pads in addition to moving vehicles, so you can easily move large tables, couches, and chairs without having to harm your back or damaging your large appliances. They have furniture dollies, appliance dollies, and utility dollies for moving hefty or large boxes that you can rent for a small fee. When you rent your U-Haul truck, ask if they have these items available as well so you can use less man power to get from one location to another.

Consider a trailer

If you also have to relocate vehicles or large pieces of machinery, U-Haul may have a trailer you can use. You must provide the information of the vehicle you plan on hauling a trailer with to make sure its towing capacity can handle a trailer safely. You may also need to let them know the type of vehicles or equipment you are hauling so you can get the appropriate trailer to fit the load length, width, and heft. The company can recommend the right trailer for your hauling needs, if your towing vehicle will allow it within their guidelines.

Returning your U-Haul rentals

If you are traveling locally, you can return the rented equipment to the original facility you got them from, or drop them off at the nearest U-Haul center to you. Make sure you've cleaned out the units, as they will be inspected for any avoidable damages and uncleanliness. You will get your deposit back (if applicable) once all the equipment has been returned.

When you move from one home to another, U-Haul can make the experience much easier for you. Explore their rentals so you can have a smooth transition from one home to another in your local area. Talk to people like Upland Stor King Property for more information.