How To Effectively Control Spiders In The Home

Spiders are the most commonly feared pest that can be found in the home. This is probably because of the fact that they can cause serious health issues if you are bitten by one, leading you to potentially be hospitalized. However, there are only about 6 deaths from spiders every year and this is just from black widows and brown recluse, which are the most deadly spiders out there. Spiders can still be a problem if found in your home and just make you feel uncomfortable, so if you feel that you have a problem, you will want to consider these methods of control:

  • Using Traps: You can use glue traps to help attract spiders. This typically isn't effective unless there is a bug already stuck to it. Visually, the insect stuck on the trap will attract any spider that sees it. This will lead the spider to the trap and you will probably find the spider stuck on the trap right on top of the bug. Also, if you see a number of spiders stuck on a trap, then look around to see if there are any cracks in the walls that need to be covered to keep the spiders from making their way in.
  • Contact Control: The method of killing a spider with a shoe or newspaper is what pest control experts like to refer to as contact control. This is the most effective way to keep spiders out of the home. This is because spiders aren't social creatures and do not travel in packs, which means that just by killing the ones that you see, you can take care of the problem easily with contact control. 
  • Control Insects: The reason that spiders even show up in the first place is the fact that there is probably a good food source for them around or inside of your home. Spiders typically hang around lights that attract bugs so that they can have their food come to them. By keeping insects out of your home, you are then keeping spiders uninterested in making your home their own.

Why shouldn't you consider using pesticides to control spiders? Spiders do not use their mouths to clean their bodies, which means that if the pesticides are on their body, it will not get into any of their organs, which then kills them quickly. Pesticides are virtually ineffective at controlling spiders. This is why the above ways for controlling spiders is the best way to do it. If you have more questions, contact a local pest control company, like Bug Busters