Using Secure Storage To Get The Most Out Of Limited Space

If you are downsizing or renting upon first moving to a new area, you may find yourself in need of a secure storage facility. While finding a place to store excess items may be somewhat easy, choosing which items to store may be a bit more of a challenge. Here is a guide to help you decide which items can be safely housed in a storage facility.

Seasonal Items

When creating extra space in your home, one thing that can be done is to box up items that are only used during particular seasons. Items such as holiday decorations, gear used for camping, sledding, or beach combing are fun to have, but when space is limited, they take up valuable real estate. Finding a secure storage facility to store these items can save you lots of room in your home, and with a bit of organization, they can be easily changed out depending on the season. 

To organize these items, make sure each box is labeled by season, and all seasonal boxes are stacked together. For example, camping gear, rakes, and even long-sleeved clothing can be placed in an area together and labeled "Autumn." Winter items such as sleds, shovels, and holiday decorations can be placed in another area and labeled as well. By organizing items for each season, you will create a functional system that will save you time and space.


If you find yourself moving from a larger home to a smaller one, you may find it necessary to store some furniture. If this is the case, think about the things that you use frequently, and consider whether you have room in your new home for them. For example, if you sew frequently, but do not have a separate sewing room in your new space, see if there is a way to fit a smaller sewing nook into a more multipurpose space. On the other hand, if you have a couch in the den and in the living room of your current home, but only have one living area in your new home, a secure storage facility may be a great place to house the extra couch. 

When storing furniture, make sure to place these items toward the back of the unit, because you will not be using them as frequently in your new home. This will make it easier to get to seasonal items, and also offer some protection from the elements if your storage unit is outside.


In a small space, even a few toys can feel like an overwhelming amount. In order to save space, have your child select several of their favorite toys to stay in their new room. Use small boxes to store the rest in the storage unit. Like the seasonal items, label these boxes so they can easily be changed out to beat boredom.

Downsizing is always a challenge, even if it is only temporary. By using a storage facility, such as Security Storage, you can easily get the most out of your new limited space.