Follow This Tips To Get Your Vehicle Ready For Winter Storage

Not all vehicles are made for winter weather. If you have a classic car or a front wheel drive car that you do not plan on using until next spring, make a little extra room in your garage and put your car in storage for the winter. Before you put it in storage though, you need to do a little work to get your vehicle ready.

Make Sure All Regular Maintenance Is Completed

If you have regular maintenance that you have been putting off, now is the time to get it done. You do not want to store your car for the winter only to get it out next spring needing maintenance.

If it has been a while, get an oil change. Make sure that your antifreeze is full. Ask the mechanics to refill any low fluid while they do your oil change.

If you have anything else that you know needs done, schedule an appointment and make it happen before you move onto the next steps.

Clean Your Vehicle Inside And Out

Once all the maintenance has been performed, it is time to clean your vehicle inside and out. Wash it yourself or take it to a car wash. After you wash it, use some car wax and polish your car.

Vacuum your car thoroughly. You do not want to leave crumbs in your car; insects seem to be able to find even the smallest crumb.

After you have vacuumed the car mats, place them inside of a plastic storage container for the winter. Car mats tend to trap moisture inside of your car, which is not something you want while your vehicle is in storage.

If you have leather seats, butter them up with a protective coating. You should do this on a seasonal basis.

Go To The Gas Station

You should store your car with a full tank of gas. This will prevent your gas lines from freezing over while your car sits in storage. While you are at the gas station, add some extra air to your tires. Make sure they are at the right level according to your vehicle specifications.

After you complete this step, drive your vehicle to your storage unit. You will need to complete the rest of the steps once your vehicle has reached its final destination for the winter.

Block The Muffler

Take an old rag and stuff it inside of your muffler. This will prevent any insects or animals from crawling into your muffler. Just remember to take it out when you start your car next spring.

Take Out That Battery

Batteries that are not used do not tend to winterize well, which is why you should remove the battery from your car. You should bring along a box or container to store your battery inside of. Be sure to fill in the empty space with old towels or newspaper. You can store the battery inside the truck of your car.

Place The Cover On It

Even if you are using an inside storage unit, it is still a good idea to cover up your car. Make sure all your windows are rolled up, the lights are off, and your car is locked, then put the cover over your car.

Once you complete all the steps above, you just need to call someone to give you a ride back home! A storage unit, such as South Lake Storage Plus, can ensure your vehicle rests safe and sound until spring.