Giardiasis From Carpet Saturated In Sewage: What It Is & Why A Professional Carpet Cleaner Is Needed

Do you have carpet that is saturated with sewage because youjust had plumbing problems repaired? You must hire professional carpet cleaners such as All Around Town Carpet Care to clean the carpet to make sure it is done thoroughly, as sewage can cause giardiasis. In this article, you will learn about giardiasis and why a professional is needed to clean your carpet.

What is Giardiasis?

Giardiasis is a health condition that is commonly caused from making contact with sewage. There are some people who have a parasite called giardia lamblia in their feces that is dangerous. You can get giardiasis from inhaling, accidentally consuming or touching sewage that has the parasite in it when cleaning your carpet.

The most serious effect of giardiasis is getting diarrhea. The reason is due to diarrhea causing dehydration if it is not treated in a timely manner, which can lead to hospitalization and possibly death. Giardiasis can also cause your stomach to become upset. Other symptoms of the condition include excessive gas and bloating.

Why Should a Professional Carpet Cleaner be Hired?

A professional carpet cleaner should be hired because he or she can used powerful commercial equipment that can suction up the sewage better than equipment sold in stores. However, you must make sure the plumbing problem is fixed before the carpet is cleaned to prevent it from coming back. Sewage can seep up through a cracked foundation, so plumbing repairs are a must.

The carpet specialist will not only clean the top of your carpet, but underneath the carpet will also be cleaned. Your carpet will have to be lifted so the padding can be accessed and cleaned. The commercial cleaning products used to clean carpet will often contain bleach, as it is helpful for killing parasites, toxins and germs from sewage.

Don't worry about the bleach causing discoloration in the carpet, as professionals know how to use the right amount to prevent it. Surface cleaning the carpet is not good enough when it comes to sewage because it won't protect you from giardia lamblia exposure. A professional will also deodorize the carpet after it has been cleaned and sanitized.

Don't put your health at risk by cleaning a carpet that is saturated in sewage on your own. Avoid contracting giardiasis by leaving the job to professional carpet cleaners. You will not only be left with carpet that is safe, but a fresh aroma instead of the smell of sewage!