Self-Storage Tips: 3 Ways To Protect Your Glass Kitchenware

You hope that your items are safe in storage. And they should be, but the way you store your items may put them in danger. For example, your glassware could be in danger because of improper storage prep. Knowing how to store your fragile items should help ensure their safety. The following are a few tips that can help you store your glass kitchenware.

1. Prepare Your Glass Items For Storage

The first thing you should do is make sure that your dishes, cups, or glasses are completely clean. Any food residue will attract insects to your storage unit. And you do not want an infestation when you return to your unit. A simple cleaning in your dishwasher will do. But make sure that you use unscented soap, as scented can also attract insects.

2. Protecting Your Fragile Items

The next thing you should think about is packing your kitchenware properly. You should do your best to store your items in designated containers. You can purchase containers at your local hardware or home store. The containers should provide adequate support and space between each of your glass items. 

Do not wrap your glass in plastic bubble wrap or newspaper. Newspaper can attract insects to your storage unit, and bubble wrap creates the perfect environment for mold by trapping moisture. 

Remember to avoid putting your glass pieces on top of each other. Putting items over your glassware may add unnecessary pressure to your items and eventually break them. You can ask your storage specialist, like from Epic Group Inc, for tips on maximizing the space in your unit without stacking boxes containing fragile items.

3. Consider The Right Storage Unit

You also need to make sure that you store your items in a good environment. Be certain that you store your glassware in a storage facility that has an air conditioning system. And ensure that the sunlight will not come into your storage unit. The reason being that temperature fluctuations could cause cracks in your glassware.

You should also know that heat and humidity can encourage mold to grow in your storage unit. But a cooler temperature can be helpful, as it may help repel insects from your unit.

As you can see, storing your glass kitchenware can be done easily as long as you know what to do. Remember that your storage specialist may have additional tips for you, so do not hesitate to ask.